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Copyright, TEACH Act, Fair Use, and Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Copyright law generally prohibits the use of a significant portions of a body of work (audio or video) for online distribution without the expressed written permission from the copyright owner.

If you have an entire body of work on Mediaflo and have not obtained proper permission to use the work in its entirety, you are likely infringing on the owner’s copyright, even if you have instructed your audience to only access a portion of the work.

University policy holds that the University is not responsible for copyright infringements by members of its faculty, staff, and administration, and that copyright infringements are the responsibility of the individual infringer. In the event of copyright violations that are pursued by legal means, ITS will cooperate with investigating authorities, providing all required evidence to allow the prosecution of the case.

Thus, if you lack written authorization from the copyright owner for your use of a work, and if you are unsure that your use of a work is a “Fair Use” under copyright law, you should remove the work.
There are specific instances, where there is more room to provide access to copies of specific digital objects.  If you require assistance in determining whether your use case falls under an exception, please feel free to contact the Mediaflo support team at
For additional guidance on the university's intellectual property and copyright policy see UPPS No. 01.04.27.