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Share Media

Each Media Item in Mediaflo has a unique Web link (URL). You can easily share this link with your viewers via email, newsletter, or blog. To get started:

  1. Under the [Media Library] tab, click [Permalink icon Permalink] under the video Thumbnail that you would like to retrieve the URL from.

    NOTE: [embed iconEmbed], [Permalink icon Permalink], and [share iconShare] icons will remain hidden if media is Not Published or Processing. Only [Download] will appear if a file is Ready, but Not Published. Visit our support page to learn how to publish media. 
  2. A system generated URL will appear in the Permalink pop-up window. If you would like to create a custom permalink, type a name in the textbox at the bottom, and then click [Create]. An updated link will replace the old one at the top.
  3. Select the web link at the top of the menu. The text will be highlighted if the text is selected.
  4. Right click to choose [Copy] or use your keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C on PC, and Command+C on Mac) to copy the URL which can then be shared.

Need to share media in TRACS or Gato?