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Paid Captioning with Rev

This page will guide you through the three step process that will allow you to order captions directly through Mediaflo. This process is a one time setup that requires the purchase order to be updated every fiscal year, to avoid service interruptions. Once your account has been configured, captions can be ordered from Rev for $1 per minute in Meidaflo. When your order is complete, the captions will be automatically added to your content in Mediaflo.

It is recommended that the admin that manages the department accounts complete this process in it's entirety. The person completing this process will manage access to the department Rev account for all faculty and staff in their department.

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Ordering Captions from Rev in Mediaflo

Once your Rev account has been connected to Mediaflo, click here to follow the step-by-step guide on submitting content to Rev for captioning.

Requesting or Revoking access to Rev

If you would like to add or remove Mediaflo library access for your Rev account, please use the Add or Remove Rev/Mediaflo Library Integration Request Form.