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Captioning Options in Mediaflo

What are Closed Captions?

Close captions are text presented on a visual display to provide viewers information about audio associated with media. This information can be transcribed speech, descriptions of music, and other sounds in a media item. Closed captions can be turned on and off as opposed to open captions which are always displayed.

Mediaflo content displays the closed captioning logo icon in the tool bar at the bottom of a media item if the media item is captioned.

Captioning Options Comparison

Currently, there are two captioning options in Mediaflo, Rev and Amara. Below are a table comparing the two options and links to documentation.


rev logo

amara logo

Service Type

Professional captioning service Do it yourself captioning


$1 per minute of video Free
Time investment ~ 2 minutes per video

 ~ 7-10 minutes per minute of video


99% Depends on captionist

Turn Around

 24 hours or less* Instant after text entry and sync

Initial Setup Time
3 to 5 days Already available in Mediaflo

Mediaflo Integration

Yes Yes

*24 hour turn around time is for videos that are 30 minutes or less. Rev does not give time estimates for longer videos.

Step-by-Step Captioning Guides

Select a captioning option below to view the step-by-step guides.


Questions about captioning? Please contact Mediaflo support.