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Mediaflo Student Dropbox and Playlist Request Form

The Mediaflo Student Dropbox and Playlist is a workflow that allows students to upload content to a streaming media dropbox and retrieve that content through a playlist for sharing in the TRACS Assignments tool.

Requests for this workflow are restricted to Texas State Faculty and Staff. A Mediaflo account is not required for this request.

Your students will use the Dropbox to submit their media files at least 24 hours before the due date of the assignment to allow for processing time.

Please note that this request must be filled out for each Assignment. The Dropbox will become inactive at the end of the semester. The playlist will be removed according to our Content Removal Plan.

You will receive an email from Mediaflo support within 3 business days with all the details you need to set up a video assignment with the Mediaflo Student Dropbox and Playlist workflow.

Assignment Instructions should tell students what they need to submit and what information they can include in the [Title] and [Description] fields of the Mediaflo Dropbox. If that information exceeds 1500 characters, the description should tell students where they can find that information.

Assignment instructions can be as simple as "Before submitting this assignment, please make sure to read the instructions in the Assignment titled 'Example Assignment' in TRACS." 

If you are looking for specific information from the students, you can give them naming conventions for the Title of their video (ex. "Include your first and last name in the title of your video") or information you require in the Description of the video (ex. "In the description, include a concise summary of the topic and the names of all of your team members").

Would you like to restrict this content? *

NOTE: Restricting content prevents the sharing of individual media items. If content is restricted, students will not be able to share individual videos.


Below is a link to the Texas State University Copyright Officer's website, a valuable resource for information about copyright.