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Request for Assistance with Content Extraction for ADA Compliance

IMPORTANT: This process is currently under review by the University Copyright Advisory Committee. Requests for content extraction may be held until the review process is complete. Decision about the fulfillment of the request will be delivered in writing in a reasonable amount of time once a decision has been made.

About This Form

Use this form to request assistance with content extraction for ADA compliance. The content will be reviewed by the University Copyright Office to make an argument for Fair Use. It is a best practice in copyright to use non-infringing material where possible. If you provide us with a pirated copy, the Copyright Office will help you search for a non-pirated source.

Processing the Content

A minimum of 5 business days are required for content extraction, however this process may take longer. 

IMPORTANT: At this time we are not accepting Blu-ray discs. If you have a Blu-ray that needs to be processed, we can assist you in a search for alternative mediums for extraction.

Assistance with Extraction

In this form, we request the name and Net ID of someone in your department that can assist with content extraction. This person should be a technical service person or the person who normally assists faculty with technology needs. ITS staff will train this person on content extraction techniques.

Content type (check all that apply) : *

Please list the content to be extracted below. At minimum you will be required to provide the full name of the content, year of production, the format of the content (DVD or Online Video), and where the content is located. An example is below:

1. "Big Buck Bunny" - 2008 - DVD - the Alkek Library owns a copy

2. "Sintel" - 2009 - YouTube Video -

Do you have a Mediaflo account?
How will you be captioning this content? *

Request for Assistance*

By clicking "Submit" below, I am requesting assistance from Instructional Technologies Support and the Copyright Office with the extraction of the content listed above for ADA compliance under Sections 107 and 121 of the Copyright Act.

For more information on the Copyright Act 17 U.S.C. ยงยง 107 & 121 please visit and